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ইংরেজি ব্যাকরণ বিষয়ক আলোচনা
1.Fill in the blanks
a. Karim is dull - English.-at
b. Finally they yielded-the enemies.- to
c. The ship is bound -Chittagong. -for
d. He burst -tears. -into
e. She has cut - her budget . -down
2. Use right form of verbs
a.Population of Dhaka city (to increase) recently.
Ans. has increased
b. Halim (dream)a bad dream last night.
Ans. dreamt
c. You had better (leave) this place.
Ans. leave
d. If had a computer, I(type) it myself.
Ans. Would type
3. Translate into English
a.আমি তাকে রাস্তা পার হতে দেখেছিলাম
Ans: I saw him crossing the road.
b.আমার বাবার একটি সাদা ছাতা ছিল
Ans: My father had a while umbrella.
c.তার ঠাণ্ডা লেগেছে
Ans:He has caught a cold.
d.তোমার বাড়ি যাওয়া ভালো
Ans: You had beter go home.
4. Chang the following sentence as directed
a. Who can go without it?(Assertive)
-None can go without it.
b. Let us complete the work .(Passive)
-Let the work be completed by us.
c She was very attentive to her study(Exclamatory)
-How attentive she was to her study!
5. make sentences with meaning
a.Call it a day(কাজ বন্ধ করা)The day is about to end . Now let us call it a day.
b.At home(দক্ষ) He is at home in Mathematics.
c. Get off(নেমে যাওয়া) He got off the train.
d. Off and on(মাঝে মাঝে) He visits here off and on.
6. Correct Spelling
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