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ব্যাংক, বীমা এবং অন্যান্য আর্থিক প্রতিষ্ঠান (নন ব্যাংক)
Deadline: 24 May2021
Job Title: School Manager
Purpose of the role
• To work closely with the Dean to ensure the efficient management of the school’s human, financial and physical resources:
• To support the Dean with the achievement of identified key performance indicators:
• To contribute to the strategic development of the school:
• To manage effective and efficient administrative services within the school, in compliance with university administrative procedures and regulations:
• To act as the main link between the school and the support services of the university:
• To contribute to improvements to administrative systems:
• To oversee and contribute to the delivery of programmes and projects within the school, ensuring that all activities are delivered on schedule, to budget and according to specification
Organizational Relationships
Position Type: Regular Employment
Reporting to: Dean of School (functional line to the Registrar for academic and student administration and regulations; the Chief Finance Officer for financial and accounting business and the Director of HR for personnel business)
Grade Grade 7/8
Hours of Work: 40 hours per week. Must return to duty whenever needed.
Functional Relationships:
1. Internal Contacts: Dean, faculty, staff, students, alumni; university-wide departments
2. External Contacts: External agencies
Specific Duties & Responsibilities
1.1.1 To take responsibility for the provision of high quality, professional administrative services to the school, setting service standards:
1.1.2 To work closely with the Dean to ensure the effective management of the school’s human, financial and physical resources:
1.1.3 To manage any school based administrative staff, including arrangements for recruitment, performance management and staff development:.
1.1.4 To contribute to the strategic development of the school:
1.1.5 To support the Dean with the achievement of school targets and Key Performance Indicators:
1.1.6 To support the delivery of programmes and projects within the school, helping to ensure that all activities are delivered on schedule, to budget and according to specification:
1.1.7 To help the Dean to plan teaching programmes and teaching loads and to ensure the accurate completion of local timetabling, scheduling and space arrangements and returns, maintaining a functional reporting line to the Registrar. To anticipate any gaps in the teaching programmes in the light of staff leave and fluctuations in student numbers/course changes and to monitor teaching needs through the year.
1.1.8 To act as a main link between the School and central support services and to ensure that university procedures and regulations are observed. To maintain detailed knowledge of university systems and requirements and their impact on school administration:
1.1.9 To develop working procedures and practices and a culture of continuous improvement:
1.1.10 To assist the Dean with the recruitment of staff, promotions, performance management and other HR procedures, with a functional reporting line to the University Director of HR for the implementation of university-wide and legal requirements:
1.1.11 To manage effective academic and student administration within the school, academic advising, examinations and assessment and the local monitoring of student retention, progression and achievement, maintaining a functional reporting line to the Registrar:
1.1.12 To support student admissions and recruitment across all programmes against identified targets, with a functional reporting line to the Registrar in connection with university wide activities:
1.1.13 To work with staff across the School and the University Director of Communications to optimize the external profile of the school:
1.1.14 To support the Dean with the operation of academic quality assurance policies and procedures, working with the university’s Institutional Quality Assurance Cell:
1.1.15 To support the handling of student pastoral issues within the school and the development of school based alumni activities, maintaining a functional reporting line to the Head of Student Life:
1.1.16 To support the local administration of research grants and contracts and other aspects of research administration:
1.1.17 To service and act as a member of school committees and to service working groups as required, contributing to the decision making of the school:
1.1.18 To ensure the provision of statistical and management information reports as required:
1.1.19 To assist the Dean with the dissemination of information between university departments and committees and the school:
1.1.20 To prepare school handbooks and other sources of information as required and to ensure the maintenance of school based web resources,
1.2 General Duties & Responsibilities
1.2.1 Administrative Duties relating to all matters that the membership of a University entails, including cross institutional wide activities.
1.2.2 General Responsibility to undertake all other duties as directed by the Dean
1.3 Qualifications
Educated to master’s level with substantial. (at least five years’ operational management experience).
1.4 Knowledge & Skills
1.4.1 Substantial management experience, preferably in university level academic administration:
1.4.2 Ability to plan, manage and oversee resources allocated to the school:
1.4.3 Capacity to monitor budgets, contracts and financial resources:
1.4.4 Ability to contribute to short, medium and long term planning:
1.4.5 Ability to set and maintain standards for department support services:
1.4.6 Excellent organizational and administrative skills;
1.4.7 Strong IT skills:
1.4.8 Experience of using initiative and creativity to resolve problems, identifying suitable solutions and opportunities for improvement:
1.4.9 Excellent written and oral communication skills:
1.4.10 The ability to deal with a large amount of correspondence and to identify issues of relevance:
1.4.11 Methodical approach to work and high level of attention to detail:
1.4.12 Strong interpersonal and leadership skills and ability to work with a diverse group of colleagues and external stakeholders is essential:
1.4.13 Experience of being supportive and encouraging of others, with a flexible approach to delivering team results. Actively contributing to building team morale:
1.4.14 Ability to produce high quality written and data reports for internal management purposes and for senior management/trustees:
1.4.15 Flexible approach to work and commitment to good service:
1.4.16 Commitment to excellent student and staff experience:
1.4.17 Understanding of the importance of confidentiality:
1.4.18 Ability to work collaboratively across schools and service areas
1.5 Other Duties
It is acknowledged and agreed that the changing needs of the University may require a role/job/position to change from time to time but such alteration shall not be deemed to be a variation of the Employment Contract/Terms and Conditions of Employment or a breach of the same provided that the substantial nature of the employment remains consistent with the parties’ intentions at the time of the offer of the job and acceptance of the offer.
Job Location: BRAC University, Dhaka
We Offer:
• Professional & multicultural working environment
• Attractive compensation package
• Other benefits as per BRACU policy
Apply Online: https://www.bracu.ac.bd/recruitment-privacy-statement...
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