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ইংরেজি ব্যাকরণ বিষয়ক আলোচনা
1. Fill up the blank with appropriate preposition: You should abide.- the rules of the hostel.
2. Which of the following sentences is correct?- Tell me what life is.
3. What is the noun of solvent ?- solvency .
4. Fill up the blank with meaningful word : birds of the same...flock together.- feather.
5. The antonym of imprudent? -judicious.
6. Hard nut to crack means. -difficult person .
7. A thing of beauty is a joy forever -Who is the poet ?-John Keats.
8. Identify the correct spelling- incumbent.
9. complete the sentence :If we studied well , we. -might pass.
10. Pute the appropriate preposition to fill up the blank : I have no aspiration -riches.-for.
11. It is our central library . The central word is a - adjective.
12. What is the noun of the word do - Deed.
13. The verb of variation is- vary.
14. Which one is a plural noun ?- Crises.
15. Hardly means -almost never.
16. A statement based on supposition is said to be- hypothetical .
17. Past Participle form of telecast is- telecast .
18. Full expression of N. B is - Nota Bene.
19. Are you -the right track ?-on.
20. I am hand and glove with him . Here hand and glove means- very intimate .

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