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লিখিত পরীক্ষা বিষয়ক
By sohelrana2
Human Development Initiatives
For a country to progress, development is surely required. But that is useless if the human development does not take place. If the next generations or the youth become obsolete or useless, then no development can be sustained. With the spread of gambling, drugs, corruption, eve-teasing, rape, gang culture, brutal murders and many crimes else, the fate of out next generation is under serious threat.

Though Prime Minister took so many development initiatives during the last decade which actually changed the landscape of Bangladesh, the main thing will remain to sustain these developments. But with a rotten young generation, these developments or progresses will go in vain.

We are chasing so many dreams for the past few years to become a middle income country, to become a developing country to attain all our SDGs, to attain vision 2021 and 2041 and most importantly to build ‘Golden Bengal’ which Bangladesh dreamt of. But we cannot expect reaching those goals and to sustain those with a paralyzed young generation.

The ongoing drive against illegal casino, corruption, drug and terrorism is widely appreciated by the peace loving people of the country that make the country free from corruption, drug and terrorism.


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