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বিষয় ভিত্তিক প্রস্তুতি : বাংলদেশ ও বিশ্ব, দৈনন্দিন বিজ্ঞান এবং সাম্প্রতিক ঘটনাবলি
201. Graphics for word processor- Clip art;
202. The file run automatically if it is available extension-
203. The general term for buying and selling through the internet is- e. commerce;
204. Removable disk- Floppy disk, compact disk, DVD, Pen drive;
205. Irremovable disk- Hard disk;
206. Hard disc is coated in both side above-Magnetic Metallic Oxide;
207. The command shift delete- completely delete;
208. The scanner used in banking industry is- Magnetic Ink Character Reader (MICR);
209. Bullet and Numbering option of MS Word at- Format menu;
210. Header and Footer option of MS Word at- Insert menu;
211. Windows 98 Operating System is 32 bit;
212. A Hybrid computer- Resembles both a digital & analog computer;
213. The silicon chips used for data processing are called- PROM chips;
214. Input devices- Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner, Digital Camera, Joystick, light pen.
215. Output devices- Monitor, Printer, Speaker, Plotter.
216. Input & Output devices- Modem, Touch screen monitor, Terminal.
217. IT stands for- Information Technology;
218. Submarine power cables are cables for- Electrical power running through the sea, below the surface;
219. The two main types software are- System software & Application software;
220. A computer must have- an operating system;
221. The principal system software is known as- Operating system;
222. The most important part (central portion) of Operating System- Kernel;
223. The Information Highway is also known as- Internet;
224. All classes IP networks can be divided into smaller networks called- Subnet;
225. A password is a form of secret authentication data that is used to control access to a resource;
226. A `file` is a unit of- Information;
227. A computer is a device for processing, storing and displaying- Information;
228. A spreadsheet is a type of- Accounting program;
229. Scientific software is typically used to solve differential equations;
230. A personal computer is a type of- microcomputer;
231. The term `Micro` (extremely small) denotes 10−6 ;
232. Palmtop is the name of- a small handheld computer;
233. A Pentium 4 (P-4) employs roughly 40 million transistors;
234. Mark-1, Apple-1 & Collossus were- initial desktop computers;
235. The printers in pre-1950s were- Punch card;
236. An error in software designing which can even cause a computer to crash is called- bug;
237. Before the 1950s, computers were mostly owned by universities and research labs;
238. The computer museum is situated in USA;
239. The 1st Electronic computer was- ENIAC;
240. The 1st commercially produced and sold computer was- UNIVAC (1951);
241. The 1st digital computer- UNIVAC-1 [Edition December, 2008];
242. IBM was provided software for PCs by-Microsoft;
243. The first personal computer- Sphere 1;
244. Time sharing, teletyping were associated with- mainframe computers;
245. Midrange computer- Minicomputer;
246. The first electric computer with storage program- EDSAC;
247. The first computer game- Space war (1962);
248. There are many computers or dumb computers are jointed with Mainframe computers;
249. RAM cache will not be more than one-fourth of RAM;
250. Memory capacity of a CD is 700MB;
251. Networking operating system is- Resource sharing;
252. Personal computer, Mainframe and Mainframe computers can use the operating system-UNIX operating system;
253. Real time server meant- Then and then;
254. The internal memory of computer is called- Main memory;
255. The main memory of Atlas operating system- Dram;
256. The main part of Atlas operating system- Device drive;
257. The important part for activating of hardware of computer- Software;
258. Computer can works in diversifying- for processor;
259. DPT starts in Macintosh computer;
260. Clone is duplication of developed computer;
261. First computer was installed in Bangladesh in 1964 at Bangladesh Nuclear Energy Commission, Model: IBM-1620;
262. The unit of speed of computers work is- Nano second (1 Nano second =10−9 second;
Computer Logic :
263. George Boole find the relationship between Logic & Math’s in 1854;
264. George Boole invented the Boolean Algebra;
265. There are 2 values of each variable in Boolean Algebra;
266. There are 3 basic/fundamental gates in Boolean Algebra;
267. NOT is one of the basic/
fundamental gates of Boolean Algebra;
268. The logic gate NOT has one input and one output;
269. NOT operator is one of the logical operator;
270. The logic gate NOT has- One output & One Output;
271. The main character of NOT gate is- reverse the signal;
272. X-NOR gate is the combination of X-OR gate and NOT gate;
273. John Nepiar invented- Logarithms;
274. Super computers, Mainframe computers, mini computers and Micro computers are based on Digital;
275. The arranging of data in a logical sequence is called- sorting;
276. The brain of a computer within the CPU is- Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU);
277. Central Processing Unit is combination of Arithmetic Logic Unit & Control Unit;
278. The ancient Babylon people used 2 types of counting system;
279. The ancient Babylon people used 15 based for large counting;
280. The ancient Babylon people used 10 based for small counting;
281. The ten-based book was published in India;
282. Al Khwarizmi wrote a book on ten based;
283. Binary number system is mainly used for computer system;
284. In binary number system 2 is the base;
285. In decimal system there are 10 digits;
286. In number system the lowest unit is digit;
287. Computers use 2 digits for its electronic job purpose: 0 & 1;
288. 1 (One) is the value of any number when its power zero;
289. The binary compliment of 0 is 1;
290. The binary compliment of 1 is 0;
291. The number with the fraction is called- real number;
292. There are 2 kinds of real number; Any number with fraction is called- real number;
293. Rational number is understood by integer;
294. Internal processing (task) of computer is normally performed in- Binary system;
295. In octal number system, 8 base;
296. In Hexadecimal number system the base is 16;
297. Octal + Decimal = Hexadecimal number;
298. ASCII code that used for the English and Roman language;
299. There are 2 steps in ASCII;
300. There are 256 symbols used for the main English language;
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