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বিষয় ভিত্তিক প্রস্তুতি : ইংরেজী ভাষা ও সাহিত্য
Completing Sentences
1. Mr. Rahman is - honest man. -an
2. The man stabbed himself with the knife. Here the word ‘himself’ is a -Reflexive Pronoun.
3. This is the- of the world. -go
4. The train went- the tunnel. -through.
5. Water the garden. The underlined word is- verb.
6. Every room in the hotel is nicely decorated. The word ‘decorated’ is- adjective.

Uses of verb
1. Ill news- apace. -runs.
2. Two-third of the students- present in the class. -were.
3. Fifty miles- a long way. - is
4. There- the mentor. -goes.
5. A number of students- participated in the competition. -have.
6. The color of the pens- really nice. -is
Transformation of Sentences
1. Without doing, you will die. (Complex)
If you do not do, you will die.
2. Rumin likes only sweets. (Negative)
Rumin likes nothing but sweets.
3. Post the letter. (passive)
Let the letter be posted.
4. I finished the work and went home. (Simple)
Finishing the work, I went home.

Astounding - Wonderful
Bad -Substandard
Snappy - Expeditiously
Elephantine - Tubby
Predicament - Dilemma
Hideously - Grisly
Bashful - Introverted
Quarantine - Seclusion

Advance - Retreate
Gigantic - Minuscule
Outskirt - Centre
Stalwart - Cowardly
Preserve - Waste
Callous - Compassionate
Docile - Headstrong
Diminutive - Huge.

Idioms and Phrases
1. A dime dozen - Something common
2. Hit the sack - Go to sleep
3. A perfect storm - The worst possible situation
4. Cost an arm and a leg - Very expensive
5. On thin ice - On probation.

Translation from Bengali to English
1. লাঠি যার মাটি তার - Might is right.
2. অতি দর্পে হত লঙ্কা - Pride goeth (goes) before destruction.
3. অতি যত্নে মরণ ফাঁদ - Care kills the rat.
4. আসলের চেয়ে সুদ মিষ্টি - Interest is sweeter than the principal.
5. ঔষধের চেয়ে পথ্যি ভালো - Died cures more than doctors.

Identify appropriate title from story [শুধু প্রভাষক-এর জন্য]
এ Topic টিতে একটি গল্প থাকবে এবং এর Title বা নামকরণ করতে হবে। Writing-এর Title বা নামকরণ কয়েকটি বিষয়ের ওপর নির্ভর করে হতে পারে- মূল বিষয়বস্তু অনুযায়ী; মূল চরিত্রের নামানুসারে; গল্পের বা ঘটনার পরিপ্রেক্ষিতে অথবা কোনো বিষয়ের সমালোচনার জন্য।

Fill in the blanks with appropriate Preposition [শুধু প্রভাষক-এর জন্য]
1. Water freezes -- ice. -into
2. What is the boy talking--? -about
3. December comes-- November. -after
4. He has no sympathy-- the poor. -for
5. Rahim availed himself -- the opportunity. - of

Use of Articles [শুধু প্রভাষক-এর জন্য]
1. The emperor left-- heir. -an
2. It is-- unique ‘idea’. -a
3. -- fort of Lalbag is one of the major tourist attractions of Bangladesh. - The
4. He saw -- one-eyed man is the street. - a

Fill in the blanks with appropriate Word [শুধু শিক্ষক- এর জন্য]
1. He -- a mistake while writing the composition. - made
2. No sooner had the teacher entered the room-- the students started reading. - than
3. The -- affection rose in her. - motherly.
4. One problem of the players -- sudden injury. - was
5. The number of mistakes he made in composition writing --countless. - seems.

Change the Parts of Speech [শুধু শিক্ষক- এর জন্য]
Noun - Verb - Adjective - Adverb
Nomination - Nominate - Nominative - Nominatively
Breadth - Broaden - Broad - Broadly
Arrival - Arrive - Arrived-
Expansion - Expand - Expansive - Expensively
Imprisonment - Imprison - Imprisoned -
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