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বিষয় ভিত্তিক প্রস্তুতি : ইংরেজী ভাষা ও সাহিত্য
1.above board- beyond doubt
2.achilles' heel- weak point of discord- matter of dispute a loss- puzzled a low ebb- declining bay- in a tight corner dagger drawn- at enmity large- free one's wit's end- puzzled one's back and call- obedient
11.bad blood- ill feeling
12.beat about the bush-talk irrelevantly
13.birds of a feather- persons if similar nature all means- in all possible ways the by - in course of talking and by- soon fits and starts - irregularly leaps and bounds- very rapidly and large- mostly fair - have the possiblity of prospering
21.bird's eye view- a rough idea
22.bone of contention- matter of dispute
23.bring to book- punish a spade a spade- to speak plainly
25.chip of the old block- a worthy son of a worthy father
26.curry favour- be favourite through flattery
27.cut to the quick- be hurt
28.dead of night- mid night
29.die in harness- die while in service yeoman's service - render valuable service
31.fall flat -have no effect in a troubled water- take advantage of disturbed situation
33.far and wide- everywhere of the gab- power of delivering speech
35.head and ears -complete
36.hold water- be effective
37.hold good - apply fine - conclusion vogue- in fasion
40.maiden speech- first speech
41.moot point- undecided matter
42.on the wane- declining
43.out of the wood - free form danger
44.rank and file - common man tape- official formalities between the lines- understand the significance
47.steer clear of- avoid
48.stone's throw- within very short distance
49.take to one's heel- to run away
50.take one to task- rebuke
51.wild goose chase - useless pursuit
52.widow's mite - small contribution by a poor man

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