Let's Discuss!

বিগত নিয়োগ পরীক্ষার প্রশ্নসমুহ ও সমাধান
1. His behaviour surprised me.(passive)
-- I was surprised at his behaviour.
2. The word 'Camouflage' means--
-- disguise
3.It burns the prettiest of any wood.(positive)
-- No other wood burns as pretty as it.
4. Anybody can apply for the post. Here 'anybody' is -
--Indefinite pronoun
5. 'once in a blue moon' means--
-- very rarely.
6. I opened the door as soon as I --- the bell.
-- heard
7. He talks as if ---
-- he were mad.
8.He parted ---- his friends in tears.
--- from
9. Choose the correct sentence----
-- It rained last night.
10. 'Get rid of' means--
-- to be free from.
11. The teacher made the children --- the book.
-- read
12. The word 'homogeneous' means---
-- of the same kind.
13. আমরা বিষয়টি আলোচনা করবো।
--- We shall discuss the matter.
14.এমন দেশটি কোথাও খুঁজে পাবে নাকো তুমি।
-- Nowhere will you find such a country.
15. Who is calling me ?(passive)
-- By whom am I being called?
16.The roads of Rajshahi are wider ---
--- than those of Dhaka.
17. A speech full of too many word is--
-- A verbose speech.
18. Credit Tk. 5,000 --- my account.
19. All love flower? (Interrogative)
-- Who do not love flower?
20.The adjective form of the word 'study' is--
--- studious
21.He said,"I went to Tangail."(Indirect)
--He said that he had gone to Tangail.
22. The verb of the word 'economy' is --
-- economize
23. A person whose head is in the clouds is--
-- a day dreamer.
24. শব্দটি কেটে দাও।
--Pen through the word.
25.While living in poverty , the poet had to --- a great deal of sufferings.
--put up with.
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