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বিগত নিয়োগ পরীক্ষার প্রশ্নসমুহ ও সমাধান
By raihan

1-- In which options to create different formatting for different sections-----Section Break.

2-- IDB headquarters locaTed in --Jeddah.

3-- Jahir Raihan Wrote---Stop Jenocide .

4-Which BD women 1st climb mount everest---Nishat Mojumder .

5--First Sea shore gas field is ----Sangu ..

6-- Who got Nobel Price on Literature in 2018--Olga Tokarczuk.

7--Which head quarter is not located in Geneva---World Bank

8--Web Pages are written using---HTML .

9--Oldest News Agency ---AFP

10--The widest river in bd is---Meghna

11-Which Political Party has won the UK election --Conservative Party..

12--World Mental Health Day observed in---10th October

13--1000 tk note 1st launched in --2008

14--Which Country does not share any border with China---Thailand ..

15--Which Country unveiled the worlds 1st facial recognition ATM-- CHINA

16--Barishals former name is ---Chandradeep

17--Which SAARC countries does not embassy in bangladesh----None of These ..

18--Which Club Clinched UFEA Europa League 2018--Atlético Madrid ...

Written Math----

Mary and Mike enter into a partnership by investing tk 700 & tk 300 respectively , at the end of one year they divided their profit such that a third of the profit is divided equally for the efforts they have put into the business & remaining amount of profit is divided in the ratio of the investments they made in the business . If Mary received tk 800 more than Mike did, What was the profit made by their business in that year ?

Focus writing ----

Someone argues that rickshaw should be banned in Dhaka city for reduced the traffic jam and other one states that banned is not properly good for the city ..elaborate the statement based on your thought, example and observations ......


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