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বিগত নিয়োগ পরীক্ষার প্রশ্নসমুহ ও সমাধান
1. Fill in the blank: ‘You might —– about Milton.’
Ans: have heard
2. The abbreviations’ PM’ stands for—
Ans: Post Meridiem
3. Select the correct sentence:
Ans: Did he come home yesterday?
4. 'Honesty is the best policy.’ in this Sentence the word 'honesty' is —
Ans: an abstract noun
5. She is now a student of — University.
Ans: a
6. The word 'hardly' means—
Ans: almost no
7. She has been reading the book since morning. This is an example of—
Ans: present perfect continuous tense
8. Identify the correct passive form: 'Let me write a letter.’
Ans: Let a letter be written by me.
9. A word that takes the place of a noun is called— Ans: a pronoun
10. 'Muslims fast during Ramadan.’
Here the word` fast’ is—–
Ans: a verb
11. 'Dead Lock’ এর বাংলা-
Ans: অচলাবস্থা
12. Which one of the following is a plural noun?
Ans: crises
13. Which one of the following was a 'Romantic poet’?
Ans: P. B. Shelley
14. William Shakespeare was born in- Ans: 1564
15. End in smoke means —- Ans: Come to Nothing
16. Exercise is beneficial — health.
Ans: to
17. Which one of the following is an example of superlative degree?
Ans: least
18. What is the plural form of Mr.?
Ans: Messrs.
19. Fill in the blank with the right word:
A man is known by the — he keeps.
Ans: company
20. The tense of a verb is mainly related to—
Ans: time
21. Which one of the following is wrongly spelt? Ans: facsination ( Correct spelling: fascination)
22. Look — the word in the dictionary. Ans: up
23. The past participle form of the verb ‘spread ‘ is—Ans: Spread
24. He is poor but honest ‘
Which one is conjunction in this sentence?
Ans: but
25. Complete the sentence ‘Had I been in your situation, — the offer.
Ans: I would have accepted
26. Choose the appropriate question tag’ 'you like vegetables—?
Ans: don’t you
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