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বিগত নিয়োগ পরীক্ষার প্রশ্নসমুহ ও সমাধান
Profits of a firm are distributed or given out to its investors are called
- Dividends
Point of Sale ( POS) machine is widely used by the
- Merchants
Money Market is a market for
= short term fund
Which of the following is not a part of the World Bank Group ?
Which organisation regulates the banking industry of Bangladesh ?
- BB
Bangladesh Bank recently announced a new CRR to increase the flow of money --- in the money market
- 10000 crore
The main function of the Financial Action Task Force ( FATF) is to combat
- Money Laundering
Vat introduced in 1991 in BD
Demutualization started on in stock exchange of BD in

2005 was declared as international year of microcredit by United Nations
A.N.M Hamidullah was the first governor of the Bangladesh bank
Bangladesh adopted floating exchange rate system of foreign exchange on May 30, 2003
Bangladesh bank regulates the money market in Bangladesh
Mirsarai is the largest economic zone in Bangladesh
Bangladesh Krishi bank & Rajshahi Krishi Unnoyon bank is specialized commercial bank
Financial inclusion is the main objective of ’10 taka bank account’ initiative
Excise duty is an example of Sin Tax
Bangladesh become a member of IMF in 1972
BIDA এর আগের নামঃ বিনিয়োগ বোর্ড
In 2013 US cancel GSP facility for Bangladesh
MDB for asia is ‘Asian infrastructure investment bank’
Turkey is the proposed technology bank for LDCs likely to be headquartered
The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) headquarter is at Beijing
Probashi Kallayan bank is not a scheduled bank according to the Bangladesh bank order, 1972
The free trade area comprising argentina, brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela is called Mercosur
Anti money laundering statute currently in force in Bangladesh was enacted in the year of 2012
Hard Loan refers to a loan that requires repayment in the currency of a strong economy
Black money is income on which payment of tax is usually evaded
Service sector is the highest contributor of to the GDP of BD
2. AIIB has recently approved a loan to finance a project of power up gradation in BD
Bangladesh bank can issue treasury bills
1. In economics utility means the capacity of goods and services to satisfy human wants
2. Buyers market denotes the place where the supply exceeds and demand
Which industrial sector of Bangladesh is the largest employer of women employees ?
= Women
In Which country , Bangladesh exports its own manufactured ship for the first time ?
= Denmark

3. There is no advertising cost in monopoly
4. Vat is not an example of direct taxation
5. BEPZA regulates EPZs of BD

BGMEA = Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association
2. Bangladesh bank Governor = Fazle Kabir
. Bangladesh bank is the regulator of money market
2. Brexit was finally approved 14th march , 2017
3. AIIB has 57 member countries

ADB headquarter - Manila
Zakir BCS
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